Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I'm feeling a little better today. Actually, compared to when I couldn't sleep last night from sickness, I'm feeling rather great. In any case, I'm functional now. And while I'd still rather be at home sleeping, I don't think today's history club meeting will be that bad. Plus, mom's actually cooking tonight, so I won't have to scrounge for food. Many problems still remain, but I'm not feeling so desparate today. Things will be okay; that's a statement of fact, not faith.

I think, major nerd and dork that I am, I may watch more Cartoon Network in the future. I was watching last night while I was sick, and I'd forgotten that I like cartoons. Not only the old ones that I grew up on, but even the freaky new Japanese junk that, to be fair, is godawful, and yet somehow mindnumbingly entertaining.

I think I'm going to head over to the Student Union in a minute, even though it's a bit early. I'm restless and need something better to do than type.