Sunday, May 25, 2003

Today was painful, but I think tomorrow might be even more painful.

We went to Mohican today. It was quite a lot of fun, in that exercisey, not-sitting-on-my-ass sort of way. If you can imagine that being fun, that is.

Anyway, April and I had a kick ass phone chat last night, and I was up til way later than I should've been, so I woke up a little later than intended. That was just fine, because Angela, being Angela, was running much later than I was. We picked Mike up, and headed toward Mohican. Unlike last trip, we took the right road heading out of Ashland. Unfortunately, it was the only right road we found all day. Once we finally actually got down into the Mohican sort of area, we couldn't figure out where the damned entrance was. So we drove and drove, and finally we found something that said: "Mohican Wilderness." We took that road, like little lambs to the slaughter. It ended up that Mohican Wilderness was some sort of camping grounds, and not really the wilderness of Mohican. But before we realized that, we spent twenty minutes driving down that lousy, dirt road, with a huge gorge to the one side of me, and a river down below, and bikers and walkers popping out all over the place. Then we ended up in a town we'd never heard of, and we had to turn around and go back through the mofo Mohican Wilderness road, for another twenty minutes. But then we found the gorge, and that was quite happy.

We ate at the gorge, as is per usual. I say per usual, because we've made one trip before to Mohican, and we did the same thing then. So, anyway, we stuffed ourselves on bananas, pudding and various junk foods. People kept coming down to look off the gorge, and we had the whole overlook taken up with our food. It was awkward; and fun.

Then we got lost again looking for the dam. But I eventually stumbled onto it, and all was good. We went hiking (yeah, that's right, hiking) to the waterfalls. Before we got there though, Angela fell once, I fell once, Mike didn't fall at all. We took a whole host of pics, which I'll post when Angela sends them, and got tired as hell because we're really quite out of shape. Even Mike got out of breath going up the hill, and he's a skinny boy. In any case, we got to the waterfalls and it was wicked. We had to climb down a good 30 feet, a large number of which was spent using exposed tree roots as a ladder, to get to the bottom of the falls. We climbed under and took some pictures. Then Mike and I ran through the waterfall, and got wet. Being wet sucked, so we went home after that. But first, of course, we did some obligatory hill rolling. A family stopped to watch us. They rated me a seven; I was pretty proud. I went twice, but Mike and Angela, the buggers, only did it once. In any case, I'm in rather a lot of pain now from it. Though I suspect, as I said earlier, that tomorrow will be much worse, after my muscles (that's right, I do have some) have a proper chance to stiffen up.

I'm really incredibly tired, so I'm going to crash now before I let the sleepiness take over, and I attempt writing something clever.