Thursday, May 22, 2003

Today something quite joyous happened. When I wrote the other day that I thought that I screwed up my Anthropology exam, I was right. I did screw it up. But my desperate pleas to St. Jude were answered. It turns out that our exams were missing six questions that should've been on them. And as such, we were all given credit for twelve points that we didn't really deserve. I got a 90 on my exam, which isn't as high as I would have preferred. But at this rate, so long as I get at least an 88 on my final, I'll still have an A in the class on the whole. That's cake really. I'm a bit worried about Sociology, but perhaps my German grade isn't so bad as I had supposed. I got a B on our first exam; but following that, I've toed the A- line. That should bring the grade up to a B+ anyway. Add to that the two Snow White assignments, which I think I aced, and you're certainly in the A- zone, if not a straight up A. I understand what we're doing right now in class too, so my final may actually be quite aceable. And if that's true, and I can pull off three A's in difficult subjects, I guess I won't be so pissed off when I see an A- in Sociology. Wait, no, then I'll be utterly pissed about an A- in Sociology as opposed to being generally pissed off about several grades lower than I want.

Anyway, after Tuesday sucked so badly, today was such a nice contrast. And I even have plans for the weekend. Mike, Angela, maybe Daysi, and I are going to go to Mohican to find the waterfalls on either Saturday or Sunday (Rory and April's journey from hell inspired me). And it's a four day weekend for me, so that's pretty wicked all on its own. Ahh, and I called my first official meeting, and it looks like some people might actually show up, so I feel all powerful and happy. On Tuesday, it seemed like all my discipline (that's right, laugh it up, I actually had some this time round) was for naught; I was quite frustrated. But now I can see the fruit of my labors, and I'm generally satisfied. Life is good.

And I'm about to get some food to eat. I'm angling for Mexican, but we'll see how it goes.