Monday, May 19, 2003

Sunday was good. I didn't end up going to Columbus, which was nice. And I actually read the Gospel of Matthew in its entirety, even though I've read it thirty seven times, and took notes, so when I wrote the paper this morning, I had a good idea of what I was doing first. And then, I did Snow White today finally, and I think I did really well.

Additionally, I bought some space bags today. They're sort of like this, but not quite. And I bought a camera today that I saw really cheap. It's an Olympus zoom type. Only $30, which isn't bad for an Olympus. I'm still looking for digitals though. And I still need to order my money belt. But I think I've picked the one I want. It's sort of big, but I guess that's nothing to complain over.

Only three weeks or so until I leave for Europe. That's terrifying.

I'm rather happy with my grades for the most part so far this quarter. It's week seven, I think, and that's a pretty good time to figure up how you stand. English is a definite A; Anthropology is an A so far, and an almost definite A by the end of the quarter; German is a B+ right now, but I think I can bring it up; Sociology is a definite and easy A.

I'm tying up loose ends today. I've been busy. My head is full of lists and facts and figures. I'm about as creative and reflective as your average inchworm; I apologize.