Saturday, May 17, 2003

Lessons from the zoo today: I have a bad humor and I pick friends with bad senses of humor.

Extract from an actual conversation, unedited:

Angela: Hey, look, a black bear. What should we call him? Blacky?
Me: No way. Too obvious. He needs a better name. How about Whitey? Wait, no, let's call him Cracker. Dude, he's the Cracker Bear.
Angela: Yes! I love Cracker Barrel.

Two minutes later:

Me: Chipmunks are among natures most religious creatures.
Angea: ::looks at a restaurant called the Elephant Grill:: Man, that's wrong. Grilling elephants is so not cool.

And, in another interesting development, I got Angela drunk for the first time in her life. We went to the Greek Festival, and I talked her into buying Uzo, and drinking it quickly. She was pretty buzzed by the time we left. It was pretty wicked.