Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I'm dreading the start of school tomorrow. I went to get my books tonight. Only spent $60, but I could've saved $30 of that had I ordered online. I consider it my $30 lazy tax.

I need to start writing my article about Europe. 500-700 words. Weeee! I'm so not in the mood for writing. I haven't even been keeping up my blog.

Here in a few minutes, April's coming over "to go shopping" with me. Basically, I'm buying pens and she's buying binders. She's very excited about it all. But I consider it another definite step toward the start of school, and therefore I dread it. Not that I love "shopping" anyway.

I need to brush my teeth and I don't want to. I brushed them once today, and my inner child keeps telling me that once is enough. But considering the spices I ate today, once is not enough. I don't want "nipple," as Rory and April call it.

I'm bored. And boring. Distracted. Apathetic.

My only happy thought at the moment, is that my grandmother's friend from Belgium heard my atrocious German and promised to send me a few German books in the mail when she gets home. That's pretty cool. I wonder if they'll be the equivalent of Dick and Jane books; I hope so, I might stand a chance of reading those.