Wednesday, September 24, 2003

My first day of school was good.

It started off a little frustrating. I had a hell of a time knocking the sleep from my head. I had to take a sleeping pill last night, so I still had that drugged effect going on. But I got ready and left a little early to get a good parking spot.

Well, was I ever naïve! I’ve never seen the parking lot that bad before. I ended up 10 minutes late to my first class because of the damn parking lot. But I didn’t feel too bad for it because, first of all, my professor knows me pretty well and that I’m hardly ever late; and second because, in my next class, German, the professor was half an hour late for the same reason. Stupid incoming freshmen; we have over a thousand of them this year, I guess. That may not sound bad, except when you consider that

After German, my friend Tiffany and I went to the Cafeteria. Nikki pointed out how there was free food upstairs. I saw a girl from high school in the Cafeteria, it was her first day, so I invited her to come up with us. It feels so 80’s to have to distinguish people named Tiffany by last initial, but they’re both Tiffanys; so my friend from college is Tiffany E. and the one from high school is Tiffany T.. We all got free food, notably ice cream, for welcome week. Nikki forced me into doing some sort of splatter art thing, so I forced the Tiffanys and Jeff to do it. Jeff wasn’t as annoying as usual today.

I wish April would’ve been there, but I think she had to leave early for work anyway. I had a really good time though. It feels sort of good knowing a lot of people on campus. It’s annoying too, of course. Anonymity is nice in its own way. But the absolute and total lack of jitters I felt for school this year verges on the ridiculous.