Thursday, September 04, 2003

A strange day already.

I awoke to a call from the professor I wrote about yesterday. I guessed wrong about the class being cancelled. Apparently, he can't make it to class the first day, and he wants me to take over for him. It's not as impressive as it might sound. Basically, I'll be handing out syllabi, taking attendance and starting a video. Highly skilled labor, you know. But hey, I get paid for it like a real teacher! I'm going to feel like a total ass, and probably look like a total suck up. So, it'll be fun. I hope I know some kids in that class. According to course availability, there are only like 16 of us in there. Hopefully, I know all 16 and they can have a lovely time making fun of me for helping out a professor.

Also, I thought I had to get my niece from Columbus today, but when I happened to glance at my calendar on the wall I saw that I'd written the date down for next week. It made more sense for it to be next week, since I couldn't go to the history club meeting next Thursday because I had to get Brittany. So I called my sister, got an answering machine. IMed her and got an away message. I made a last ditch calling attempt before driving into Shelby to bother her in person, and glorious day, happened to catch her in the house. She told me it was the wrong day, and I whinged about having had to wake up early when I didn't have to. It was good.

The really depressing news of the day is about my other niece, Brianne. A few weeks ago, we had the police check in on the family Brianne's, supposedly, been staying with. They told the police that the baby was born August 6th, that it's a boy, he's healthy, and Brianne hadn't given him up for adoption. My sister's friend at the welfare agency checked up on the case, sort of...erm, illegally. Turns out that the baby is a boy, but he was born July 7th, and that Brianne gave him up for adoption at the hospital to the family she's supposedly been staying with. And of course, no one's seen Brianne for several months. It's such a messed up situation. Apparently there's a six month rule in the state of Ohio, by which Brianne could demand her child back. But since no one's talked to Brianne, it's doubtful she knows this even if she wants the kid back. I worry about her because it's such a difficult life to be 19, to have had a baby, and to have lost that baby. Particularly to someone she trusts. With everything else she has to deal with, and don't get me wrong, most of her problems are entirely her own doing, I can't help but feel badly over it. It seems unfair that some people have to be so disadvantaged in life, and some others are given so much right from the start.