Monday, October 06, 2003

Another stupid day.

Classes went fairly quickly today. Nothing to slow anything up except the knowledge of the terribleness of how much stuff I have to get done that I have very little chance of getting done. And the terribleness of the knowledge that it’s my own damn fault for procrastinating.

Anyway, Nikki came over tonight to work on homework. No work was done. Now I still need to do all my work and I have a complication.

My sister’s in the hospital again, this time with kidney stones. Keep in mind that this isn’t the sister who usually gets kidney stones, but rather the sister who usually doesn’t, but who has a chronic illness she picked up in Arizona. So tomorrow I have to skip class to bring her home from the hospital, which puts me out terribly, but what the hell can you do?

I don’t want to do my homework tonight. My assignment is stupid and tedious. I wish I didn’t have to miss class tomorrow. But I suppose Donna wishes she didn’t have to have kidney stones. And people in hell wish they had ice water. Das leben ist schlecht!

Off to read really, really, boring stuff about the reliability of ancient Roman source documents. I hate school. Really I do. I wish I would’ve dropped Roman Republic and taken Russian History in its place. Then again, it’s the same old nonsense; aristocrats, proles, and nobody gives a damns.