Sunday, October 05, 2003

Yesterday was fun.

Mike, Nikki and I went to see Under the Tuscan Sun. Nikki wanted to see it because it would remind her of having been in Italy this summer. I shared that reason and a love for the music they played on the commercial. The movie itself was good. Or rather, if I had to have a scale, I’d say it was on the good side of okay, or the okay side of good. The best part was the Asian who we said looked like Yoko Ono. She didn’t really look like Yoko Ono, but the observation set all of us off laughing for about half an hour.

It was great when a really sad bit happened, and Nikki starts busting up about Yoko Ono laying in bed, and you could hear her laugh echoing across the theatre whilst everyone else teared up.

After the movie, we went to Steve’s Dakota Bar and Grill where Jasmin works. We drew all over the table thing, which wasn’t a bad thing consequently, you’re encouraged to do it. The best parts were Mike’s poem and all of our rules. My rules went something like:

1. No makeup or makeovers
2. No prettiness
3. No hugging
4. No stuff you people like
5. No secrets from me, though it’s okay for me to have them from you

Nikki’s went:

1. No dating sane people
2. No self-esteem (I came up with this one, and I’m very proud)
3. No sodomy

I forget most of Mike’s, but the one I remember was:

1. Lots of sodomy

Jasmin made me blush maybe thirty times, and Mike too, when she started grilling him for sodomy tips. She told me she’s going to get TLC to follow me around and give me a makeover, and I told her if she did I’d kill her; And not in that I’d be mad way, but in that, no really, I’d kill you sort of way.

Then Nikki, Mike and I went to Meijer and looked at the art. Mike was made sad by a portrait of a deer, looking sad, called “Waiting for Mom to Return.” I was made sad by a flower. The other flowers mostly pissed me off; they were snooty. But there was one flower that looked snooty, but with dignity, like it had earned it’s social position. And I liked that flower.

Eventually, I came home, and slept. And recently arose. And now I’m going to the Woolybear Festival. Yay!