Thursday, September 25, 2003

Day two was good. I woke up quite early this morning because, after having had to take a sleeping pill the night before I was strung out and tired all day yesterday. I felt like a dork going to bed last night at nine o'clock, but hell, I was dead tired and I needed to.

I got to school early today, and in an oddly social move, decided to talk to this girl in my Roman history class that I don't know. She ended up being pretty nice, which had the negative effect of making me even more social. So I spent the entire morning talking to people. I actually even told stories to people in German class, which is unusual because I usually only talk, quietly, to Jared and Tiffany.

Anyway, I picked a good day to be freakishly outgoing. Because this week is Welcome Week, we had this club fair thing out on the Oval. Jasmin, Nikki and I had to watch the History booth. But we really didn't do a lot of watching. I got one kid to sign up for the ListServ and that was it. It was all right; I didn't care. I had a good time. Not only did Jasmin, Nikki, Brian and I have huge Sticky Hand battles, but I managed to stuff down a free hotdog and insult a priest. The priest thing was accidental. He was at the Catholic Youth Association booth, or something like that, and I went over with Nikki and said hello and all. A few minutes later, I went walking by with April, and he looked up at her and said: "Would you like a free prayer card?" And I was like, "No, thank you." And he said: "Aww, you don't need prayer?" And, of course, I knee jerk responded: "No, not really" and kept walking. Damn. And I like Catholics, too.

So, after Welcome Week festivities, I had to teach Ohio History. I did a lousy job. Right lousy. But I don't think anyone minded. I was fast, and expedience is better than substance with a substitute teacher. The only really troublesome part was when this evil bitch lady, who I knew from Comparative Religions a few quarters ago, came in late, interrupted me and asked for one of the handouts we were apparently out of. I told her that that was all I had, so if she wanted, she could get a copy of mine after class. I went to restart the video, and she walked up to my desk, and took my paper. I saw her do it, but I didn't want to cause a fuss, so I didn't say anything. In any case, what a bitch!

And then I came home. And that's all I've done so far today. Week one of school completed; All is well with the world.