Friday, September 26, 2003

In the same vein as earlier, I suppose, I have to say that I really like high school football games. Not so much the football itself; I've never cared much about that. But rather instead because of the opportunity for social observation they imply. I don't have a lot of chances to be around high school kids anymore.

The funniest thing I heard tonight reminded me a lot of my own high school days. At my school we always had a big Band vs Football controversy. While this exists at many schools, at my school it actually meant something. Being a small, rural school with an abnormally large band and an abnormally bad football team, the Band lobby had unusual power. But in any school, of course, the band never cares about the football team.

So tonight, it was the first quarter and the other team scored fast. Then one of our boys intercepted a pass, ran eighty yards, breaking several tackles in the process, for the tying touchdown. The crowd was on its feet! The band struck up a celebratory rendition of the fight song! And over the roar of it all, I overheard one of our band members telling one of the kids from the other band in a dry, disinterested voice: "Yeah, so anyway, as you can tell, our drumline totally sucks."