Sunday, October 12, 2003

It’s strange the things I’ll do to get out of doing my homework. I talked to Jasmin on the phone for two and a half hours today, about everything in the world really, except the homework we were supposed to be doing that she called me about. Now, it’s not strange that I’d talk to Jasmin that long. But it is strange that we’d talk about class for approximately thirty seconds before making a mad rush toward any conversation whatsoever that wasn’t class-related.

I’ve spent the hours since doing almost nothing; checking blogs repeatedly, just to see if anyone’s updated. I posted once, even, on a totally random stranger’s blog. It’s not unusual that I post on a stranger’s blog. But it is pretty unusual for me to find one and then post immediately on it. Usually I lurk around a while first to see if my sort of comments would be welcome. Today I didn’t give a damn. Anything beats school, I figured, and so I posted.

I don’t have as much to do today as I’d thought originally. My history paper is rather short; the long one isn’t until next week. My book report is due on Thursday, not Tuesday, so I have a little room to procrastinate with it still. It’s always nice to have a little extra room to maneuver with.

I’ve been frustrated with school lately. I’m tired of the same old professors, in the same old classes. It’s starting to feel like high school again, and I just want to get away. All my thoughts are about leaving these days. About going to Europe, to Israel; teaching English abroad, writing for the English press. Doing anything but sitting around here doing what I’m doing now. It’s not that my life is bad, mind you, it’s just that I want so much more. It’s that I know I can have so much more.

I guess it’s the promise of money burning a hole in my pocket. I’m already thinking of buying a digital camcorder and such. I’m splurging on silly things that I never used to splurge on. If I had any sense, I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. I know that, and I do nothing whatsoever about it.