Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I barely got out of bed today. The alarm clock went off and my stupefied brain commanded my hand to reach up and hit the sleep button; or at least, that was the signal it told me it was giving. In reality, it must have given the “turn off alarm” signal, because forty-five minutes later I was still in bed. Fortunately, I had that nagging suspicion that it was brighter in my room than it should be at that time in the morning. So I forced my eyes open, looked at the clocked, screamed, sprung out of bed and into the nearest wall, and began the hectic process of preparing myself for school.

I’m hating school right now. That paper I wrote yesterday, I’m told, was on the wrong subject. I don’t feel bad for it since well over two-thirds of my classmates wrote on the same wrong topic I did. But it’s annoying to think of all that wasted effort and to think of all the effort I’ll have to spend writing the paper over again next week.

But I finally caught up on my Ohio History report. Like the procrastinating fool that I am, I didn’t go to order a book until yesterday, knowing full well that it takes a book a week to get in to the library, and that my report was due in one week. So I had to spend an extra half hour on Ohio Link to find a book that was actually in Mansfield’s library. Finally, I found a stunning book on, I think, events leading up to the American Revolution and Westward Expansion and all that. So another boring read I’ll have to suffer through.

Today I have to figure out how to balance filling out work study papers with getting my tires changed. Damn getting my tires changed. My parents couldn’t have scheduled a worse time for it. I’d bitch more, but there was no reason I couldn’t have made the appointment myself, so it’s my responsibility too.

I really can’t wait until school stops being so busy.