Sunday, October 26, 2003

This weekend has been busy.

Yesterday I almost got smashed on 71. It was just about as close to dying in a car as I've ever gotten. I think it has me emotionally disturbed. I had really awful nightmares all last night. Odd ones, too. Involving April and Nikki mostly.

Speaking of April and Nikki, last night we went to the football game with Rory and Danny, and went to see Scary Movie 3. The movie was godawful which isn't surprising, considering the first two. But what was mildly funny was that the people behind us in the theatre were obnoxious. Outside of their constant stream of obscenities, one of them that works with April was sexually harassing her poor hair. And the people in front of us were, we believe, making out. But their methods were unusual enough that we weren't quite sure. Then we made Nikki play 007 which was good for everyone but Nikki. She doesn't play video games, apparently.

Today, Rory, Danny, April and I went bowling. Rory lost twice, which was funny as hell. We went, originally, in Mansfield. But when we couldn't find anything else to do, we ended going to the bowling alley in Ashland. Well, actually, first we had to stop off at April's house so Rory could shit 'cos his mom's spider-sac filled biscuits made him sick. So, another hour of bowling, and my wrist is sore like a motha. And we played pool afterward, too.

Then home. A little Degrassi. And now hopefully some non-nightmare filled sleeping.