Saturday, November 08, 2003

I’ve had quite a lot of fun today. It started off a little disappointing. Angela, Mike and I were supposed to go to Mohican State Park today, but for some reason, Mike never came home last night (::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::), so Angela and I were on our own.

We couldn’t think of much to do, so we decided we’d see a movie. Nothing looked very good, so I suggested Kill Bill because I’d heard it was the most violent movie of all time. Angela agreed, somewhat reluctantly I think.

But first we decided to get coffee. So we were driving to get coffee, on this little back road in the middle of nowhere, and a falcon was eating some road kill on the side of the road. Normally birds fly away when cars come. But this falcon just sat there, giving us a dirty look. We imagined he was saying: “Keep it moving, fatties, this kill’s been claimed. Nothing to see here.” So we were pretty offended and kept driving.

Anyway, we ended up sneaking Burger King into the movie. I mean, not a whole Burger King, or the Burger King himself (may he live forever!). Just the food we’d bought before, which we were proud of, on account of we’d been doing candy for years, and this was quite a step up for us. Nikki hid my burger for me, and Angela actually managed to hide a whole rootbeer in her pocket. It was great.

Reading over the last two paragraphs, I’ve realized that I’m not typing at all like myself today. The Burger King? Not really my style. Damn. Anyway:

Kill Bill was awesome. I’m not the biggest fan of violence in movies, but I’m a pretty big fan of it. And Kill Bill was no disappointment. Angela said it was sort of like a really, really violent chick flick. And so it was. Mindless bloodshed over highly color-coordinated wardrobes.

Yeah, well, I want food and I have to get to April’s by six, so, must get going.