Monday, November 10, 2003

Jody used to swear that I had ADD. Today, I think, maybe she was onto something with that. I can't sit still. And forget about anything remotely resembling concentration. I could hardly sit through Roman history, and I skipped out early on German. Ahh, well. It's a useless Monday. Most Profs know that and just show movies. We have a holiday tomorrow, and no one wants to be here. If the Profs are silly enough to try to make us do stuff, well, they deserve what they get.

My sinuses are driving me insane today. If I caught April's damn disease, I'm going to kill her. More likely, it's from this nasty gas station cashier who wiped her nose with her hand and gave me my change in the same motion last Friday. Either way, I'm disgusted. And, consequently, disgusting. I feel bad for people who have to sit by me as I wipe my nose on my sleeve. That's right, bitches, my family's be's from Kentucky.

In around 40 minutes, I hope to be out of here. Then freedom for a few hours, before driving to Columbus, and a return to freedom for another say, 32 hours or so. Yay freedom!