Monday, January 12, 2004

I had a rotten weekend. Between my own selfishness, and self-disgust, and my family's continual traumas (legitimate and not quite so legitimate, that is), it really, really sucked.

I was considering writing a long post with all my troubles. But what do you care about my troubles, dear reader? I was trying to be happier over the weekend, and I failed miserably. So perhaps you've suffered enough on my account.

I'll list, instead, what I consider to be the good news of the weekend. My grandfather is still in stable condition, as of the last update I received on the subject. My brother Tony managed to sweet talk the prison chaplain into letting him call home yesterday. It was fortuitous because he ended up being allowed to call grandpa in the hospital. It might be his last chance to talk to him, so it's nice that he was allowed to take it. Especially since he didn't know that anything was going on when he made the call.

No nightmares last night, which was good. Of course, I'm not sure I slept long enough to have one. My dad and I were up past two in the morning talking about how much we both miss Ireland. I may have only been there a week, but I'm hooked. I want to go back. Then I woke up at six this morning, so not much sleeping for me. Though I feel relatively all right anyway. Not that sleep deprived or anything.