Monday, January 05, 2004

So, today I had my first day of school. It was neither as good nor as bad as could have been anticipated.

I make Nikki sick. Fast typists of the world unite!

There really isn't a lot to report so far. Russian history was predictably fine. Hanging out ever since has been fine too.

April and I went to McDonald's for lunch. She got in the wrong lane and was blocking up traffic. People were pissed. Then she gets up to order, and she starts busting up. The lady's like: "can I take your order?" And her face is bright red, and she can't speak. God, we must be annoying. It had to have taken five minutes, anyway, to get just our order. I hope they spit in our food.

In the Union, we pissed off a Christian, which is always nice. I don't really recall the conversation offhand, but it involved the word "fuck." This girl was reading her Left Behind book, and heard it, and started like flinching every time we said it. So, of course, we said it more because we're bastards. Anyway, April was like: "She can hear us with her magical Jesus ears powers!" And we did this hand motion meant to simulate the magical growth of Jesus ears when they detect naughty language. And the girl got so pissed, apparently, that she slammed her book and stomped off.

Honestly, thin skinned people, crawl back into your holes. If you can't handle the colloquial use of the 'f' word, you're not quite ready for college just yet.

Maybe part of the problem was that we'd already been talking smack about church. I can't remember if she was around then or not. My friend Niki was talking about how somebody had told her that she wasn't nice because "nice people go to church." We all laughed and were like: "Rrrright, church goers are known for being the nicest of people." I mean, hell, half of us, anyway, were church goers, so we weren't really complaining about church. It's just that, being familiar with Christianity means being familiar with the social cult of Christianity, and frankly, that ain't pretty.

Jasmin has resolved to have a more positive worldview. I have resolved to dampen her spirits. The test of wills is on!