Monday, May 03, 2004

I don't seem able to blog lately. My thoughts seem to resist the translation process that makes them bloggable. I could blog, no doubt, but no one ever seems to like my long and rambling posts about what I'm feeling and thinking. And I guess I'm a little sensitive about it. In those posts, you're kind of gutting yourself for the world to see, and when all the response you get is: "Christ, can't you post shorter?" you kind of grow adverse to it after a while. I'm starting up another blog for that altogether; I think that's the best compromise. In the meantime, the boring details of my life:

I spent this weekend doing largely nothing. I slept a lot. I mean really a lot. Like twelve hours each day. I should've read more. I should've written my paper, but I didn't. And I don't really care either. The high point of the whole damn weekend was that last night Jasmin and I went down to Columbus for orientation for our fieldtrip to Harlem. That was the most productive I got.

Orientation wasn't so bad. It was mercifully short. They didn't tell me anything that made me not want to go. We'll have a lot of free time, which is the only reason I really wanted to go anyway. We're free on Friday night after like six, and we're free on Saturday after 1:30pm, with no curfew either night, so that should give us time to do a lot of stuff. Last summer on the way home from Europe, my brother freaked out and we ended up seeing approximately jack in NYC. I don't blame him exactly, but it was kind of funny that I was just returning from my whirlwind backpacking tour of Europe, and the boy was freaking about an afternoon in New York City. I love teasing my brother about the fact that he's afraid of going to other countries. He and his wife went up to Niagra Falls last summer, and he refused to sleep in Canada. They had to come all the way back into the US before my brother assented to finding a hotel. Meanwhile, I'm in a hostel in Tongeren or somewhere. My brother's not a country bumpkin; upon meeting him, I don't think anyone would conclude that he's a hick, but his attitudes about travel are so quintessentially smalltown Ohio. I love it.

Anyway, off for now.