Friday, December 17, 2004

This day sucks.

This day has sucked.

I was so tired yesterday after the day at the hospital, and getting up at 3:00AM and everything, and I didn't manage to get to sleep until after midnight because I got into a little fight with my mother. It wasn't so much a fight as it was just some overdue griping. Things are much better now.

I started having nightmares at 3:00AM though. Really bad ones. Night terror-y dreams that you're afraid of even after you wake up. The kind where you think: "If I don't move a muscle, a single muscle, they won't be able to see me and hurt me" even though you're 22 now and way too old for that logical process. I actually left my tv on all night while I slept after that because I couldn't stand the silence. I was freaked.

When I got out of bed today, I was confronted with a number of annoyances. First I stepped on a broken shard of glass, bled everywhere and had to limp around cleaning it up. It took forever to get it stopped bleeding and now I have an annoying bandage on my foot that rubs on my shoe. Irritating, but not so bad still, as my sister's day.

Donna thought she was having laproscopic surgery. Turns out she didn't. She doesn't know if she screwed up, or if the hospital did. Either way, she's very frustrated. She can't find anyone who knows anything about when she'll be released. I'm calling the hospital every half hour or so getting updates. Living hours away totally sucks. If I had a choice, I'd be sticking my nose in every single detail.

Anyway, it's only 10:30AM. The day has the potential to go either way. Let's just hope that these first few hours aren't indicative of the day as a whole. Must run.