Thursday, November 14, 2002

A few notes for the day.

Discovery A: The Reference librarian where I go to school is AWESOME. She seriously rocks. She even seems to like finding information. If this law thing doesn't work out. I may do what she does. I too, enjoy the hunt.

Discovery B: I still love G.K. Chesterton. The man's my hero. In one of my more reflective moments of the day, I was thinking about the thing he wrote about man only being able to blaspheme the things that he holds sacred. As Mark Shea wrote today in his blog, in Hollywood they no longer consider saying "Goddamnit" or something blasphemy. But they edit the word "japs" out of WWII era films. It's all about what you consider sacred. I have a few blasphemous jokes with my mates. I guess that means that something in me still holds something about "God" sacred. Who knows what? As Homer Simpson once said: "Mmm....blasphemous..."

Discovery C: I have NOT lost my ability to bs papers. German Reunification essay is officially finished. I'm not touching the damn thing again. However, I do have a German language exam tomorrow, so I'd best not stay up past two tonight. Also, I have the oral report to muddle through on Germany East and West. Considering I could find no logical thesis to the book, and that's what the report's supposed to be about, it could prove challenging. However, my faith in my ability to wing it has been restored, so I'm going in confident.

Anything else from today?


Ahh, yes, this was a good exchange.

Denise: So what are you majoring in?
Me: History...and maybe English.
Denise: Ah, so you're going to be a teacher?
Me: I'm thinking maybe a lawyer.
Denise: Oh! That's good! The way my kids are turning out, we could use one in the family!
Me: With the way mom's kids turned out we could use one!
Denise: Well, looks like you're going into the family business then!
Me: Yeah, except I'm on the wrong side of the law.