Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I'm sick. That's the real reason I'm skipping today. I'll ill. And I'm not enjoying it. I just napped for two hours almost. I thought: Ahh, getting some sleep will do you good; you'll be fine for history class tonight. At the moment, I feel way worse than I did this morning. I'm afraid to miss class though, because it's one of those two hour long classes, which is the equivelent of missing two classes instead of one. My report is due Thursday and I can't even figure out what my book is talking about. Going to class might help me with notes and such. But Lord almighty, ill. Feels like swelling in my neck. Throat sore. Vomity taste in my mouth even though I haven't vomitted. Low grade fever. ::whimpers:: Dare I skip? I'm going to get so behind. And then playing catch up, when I'm already sick, is going to totally suck. Someone transfuse me their white blood cells! Or...you know, go to class for me and take notes. I want to sleep. I want to go back to sleep. And if I do, I know school for the day is out. Wish me luck, dear readers, I think I'm about to do something very irresponsible.