Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I've been awake for half an hour and so far, today sucks.

I had a weird nightmare. I went to a prison with my friend Sarah (how many Sarah's can one Sarah know? I know plenty, that's for sure). Anyway, Sarah and I got locked up with some prisoner dude. She wanted to, and I followed her in. Ended up, I hit it off pretty well with the prisoner dude. We talked about mutual interest stuff. But there was something wrong with him. He'd ask me a question, and all I could do was stare into his eyes and I couldn't process anything. I had to fight to pay attention to his actual words. Sarah got bored, and jumped up randomly and left the cell. I screamed "no! Help guard!" because I knew better than to be left alone with prisoner dude.

Ended up he had crazy X-File hypnotic powers. He killed a few guards in the time that it took to get me saved. He could lull people to sleep and then he'd pounce on them. When I yelled for the guard, he jumped at me and tried to put me to sleep, but I held out and ran. The guards came running, but he was getting rid of them easily. Then, he finally managed to put me to sleep, but I knew I'd be okay because I was in the big main police room with like a zillion guards. I woke up and I saw this gray stuff everywhere and I thought: "Must be his brains." And I heard this Irish style cop say, and this really was funny, "That'll learn ya, ya freak! Back to Middle School Corrections with ya!"

It had the same effect on me Freddy Krueger must have had on the earliest viewers of the Nightmare on Elm Street. See, you can't go back to sleep because the bad guy owns sleep. You're vulnerable to sleep. And even though you know it isn't real, it still has the power to freak you the hell out. And as such, you can't fall back asleep, even if you try to lull yourself by reading incredibly boring and nonsensical books about German reunification. Instead, you wake up before 8 in the morning, even though you've only had five and a half hours sleep. Even though you know that you have an exam tonight, that you'd be well-served to remain conscious through.

heh, think I'm depressed acting lately? My mom's in the kitchen singing: "I'm ready to leave this world!" She just told me: "You know, there's nothing good in the world except eating. And I'm not even hungry." I'd make that my new motto, except, I'm nearly always hungry. And then she says, "Why don't you drop out of school so I can quit my job?" Thanks for the encouragement, Ma. Considering my current agony over deciding whether or not I really want to apply to law school, your kind words warm my heart and reemphasize the importance of education to my worldview. On the bright side, at least my fancy college education won't ever go to my head, living with the anti-educational zealots I do.

I just invited a few friends to go to Mohican with me this weekend. Very out of character; Very likely to backfire. We'll see. I'm going to go clog my heart, as April says, with some strawberry jam and toast. Mm...heart clogging strawberry jam...