Saturday, November 16, 2002

I had a really pretty terrific day today. I went to Mohican State Park with my friends Angela, April and Mike (If you'll look to the right there, that'd be Bwopfatuation, Fat Girl Time and Things That Make Mike Think, respectively).

The day started sort of slow, but it picked up once we went shopping for picnic food. Angela and April both got some healthy stuff I think, but Mike and I pooled funds and bought some cookies as well. So, for my part in the picnic, I had like two apples, three bananas, two cookies, a pack of Rolos and a Sobe. It was pretty awesome. I finished my second banana, and I was still chomping on my second cookie, and I had my mouth all full of food and I turned to Mike and said: “I think I’ll have another banana!” He laughed for about an hour because I’m fat and nasty and require a third banana while I’m still eating my cookies. Then April yelled something obscene just as these strangers opened their car door, and they really must have heard it. But we laughed until our insides ached, and it was really quite lovely.

We played on this awesome overlook thing. It overlooked this wicked gorge, and I’m sure the scenery was really quite beautiful, except I hate scenery so I didn’t really notice. But I think it was rather pretty because Angela took some pictures for her photography class. April and I made a stupid Star Wars video there. I’m not sure it was funny in any objective sense, but it was good times. And seeing it later that night, it still made me laugh.

Then we played on these swings forever. And it was great because we did the thing where you lay on your stomach and pretend to be Superman and such. And we had races and the like. And then we made a weird Lord of the Rings video, where I had to be a ringwraith and Mike was Frodo. It wasn’t really very objectively funny either, except I trotted around like an idiot on a horse and it’s always sort of funny to see fat girls in motion. Then we did the Garden of Eden story. I played Adam to Mike’s Eve and Angela was the serpent. It was brilliant mostly because it sucked. But it had great moments like when God (April that is) came and asked me about the apple and I said: “I haven’t got any apples! I have an Adam’s apple though.” And Mike has an epiphany out of nowhere: “OH! I get it now!” Mike had quite a few of those moments today, and I loved each one.

Then we went “hiking.” That is to say that we walked a relatively short distance to these "hidden" caves. We had to climb a huge hill, which, wasn’t pretty. In fat girl terms, it was like friggin’ Mt. Everest man. We made it up, and explored the cave for a few minutes, before turning right back around and sliding down the hill. Then we made some fat faces at the camera, and Mike made us do another Lord of the Rings thing, and then we went home. Well, in any case, we went to Angela’s home and watched the video and played some 007. Then we went to KFC and had more good times. Oh wait, I forgot, we also climbed this really high tower that freaked me out since I don’t like heights all that much, and we wrote in light ink “Mike + Sarah FOREVER!” on the step. And I was freaking out, chanting Hail Marys, crossing this covered bridge thing that passed over the Mohican river, which freaked me out for the same reason the tower scared me. It was really great.

Good times all around really. I know it doesn’t exactly sound fun when I write about it. But it was great. So many great exchanges throughout the day. I miss being around rapid fire thinkers. So many of the people I know at school are slow, and don’t get my sense of humor. It was good to be around people who found it funny when I said, rather randomly, that I really wanted to ride in the giant bucket of chicken that was spinning over KFC. It was good when someone saw a sign that said something like “Petrified Forest” and read it wrong, and were all like: “Perverted forest? Eww!” From that point, throughout the day we managed to morph the park into this giant Perverted Forest run by our old Computer teacher from high school, whose name we changed to Morty Gross (well, originally it was Graw, but Gross was his real name and it suited him better). He also ran the neighboring establishment: The Gay Porn Maze. Yeah, this is sucking to write. Verbal funniness, apparently, does not to literary amusement equate. Or some such.

Anyway, I had a really, really good time. And, for at least a while today, I felt genuinely pretty happy. I can’t remember the last time that I laughed so hard so long and so often. I laughed so hard, on several occasions, that I literally doubled over and my insides ached and I couldn’t breathe at all. My throat still hurts actually from all the cold air I sucked down, gasping for air when I laughed.

This post is looking pretty stupid. But I’m going to post it because well…why the hell not? I have a “deep” sort of post brewing in my brain, but I don’t feel I can think in terms of enough literary merit to write it down right now. I’m having difficulty conjugating sentences I’m so tired. Sleep now. Love.