Sunday, November 17, 2002

This has been a pretty awesome weekend.

Friday was Mohican day, and I already explained how I enjoyed that.

Saturday, Jody called. She still wants to go to Europe, which makes me extremely happy since I keep figuring it won’t really come about. I guess next Saturday we’re going to watch the Sound of Music (don’t ask) and plan the trip. She wants to go to Poland, yay! I didn’t think any sane person other than me (shut up Angela, I am too sane) would ever want to go to Poland for a visit. Plus, in the midst of worrying about money, it suddenly hit me that I am the owner of a credit card, and not too responsible to go into debt buying plane tickets for a wicked ass trip to Europe (don’t tell my mumsy, please – she’s freaked enough over the thing as it is). I love the benign negligence of my parental units, that allows me to publicly announce my crimes to the world, without any fear whatsoever that they’ll check this site, even though they know that it exists and I’ve told them to visit before.

Today, I woke up and my mom actually made breakfast. I haven’t had real breakfast in years. There’s nothing better than mom’s toast. I love it. And even though I’m sitting here thinking, “is there anything I need to do for tomorrow? For Tuesday? Wednesday? Even Thursday?” I’m coming up with absolutely nothing that I really need to do. And damn, that feels nice.

I think, for the first time this quarter, I’m going to make this into a reading day. During the summer, I read at least a book or two per week. And sometimes a book or two per day. But I haven’t had any time for independent reading lately, because my daily readings for class amount to usually around 100-150 extremely boring pages every day or so. It generally kills my will to read. I wish I’d gone to the library. I’d love some Chesterton or something. I’m debating between rereading some Salinger, or finally reading my “new” book on the experiences of a Catholic homemaker who managed to experience No Self. I got it for Christmas last year, and though it always seems to be on the top of my list of stuff I need to read, I never seem to get to it. Ahh, I guess I’ll bust it out today.

Yay! The nephews and nieces are coming to Thanksgiving! Ahh, wait, Robbie likes deviled eggs as much as I do. Not so great. I’ll hide them before he gets here! Muahaha, how’s that for familial feeling and thankfulness!