Thursday, November 21, 2002

What an awful day.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Without getting too graphic, I'll just say that I was sick to my stomach. I was up for a long time. It was awful. I finally went back to sleep. I woke up late. I was sick to my stomach again.

Today's my long day. I face a long day sick at school. But I can't skip today. I could maybe skip German and Early Christian History, but I shouldn't. And I think I won't because I have exams coming up and I don't need to get behind again. German History is two hours long, so it wouldn't be any good to miss that. And I definitely can't miss Islam because I only have it every two weeks, and I'm pretty sure this is the last class besides. I wish I felt better!

I'm hungry, and if I don't eat now I won't get the chance to eat until 8 tonight. But I have a nasty taste leftover from getting sick and nothing sounds that appealing. Gah, what a terrific blog entry. The world knows I've been sick to my stomach, woo!

Anyway, on subjects of more general import. I've been really pretty depressed lately and thoughts of the future are all that are keeping me coherent. In Europe, I think we're going to shoot for Belgium, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Possibly also England and Greece, and all of those strange South-East European countries you have to cross to get to Greece. If we're in Greece, I'd like to go to Turkey, but considering its border with Iraq, I think this might be a bad time.

In other future news, I have to remember to add my LSAT practice book to my Christmas list. I wonder if I'll really be a lawyer someday. It's crazy for me to think of myself as a professional anything. I come from an incredibly working class family. Being a success in the eyes of regular society would be unusual as hell. I wonder if I'll enjoy it.

I'm watching a makeover thing on the View (heh, yes I watch the View). Barbara Walters asked the makeoveree whether her inner or outer beauty was more important. The obvious answer everyone gives is "inner!" even though very few people believe it. This lady seemed too dense to know that. "Well, that's a hard question, Barbara..."