Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I'm pretty happy at the moment. I just finished paper number two of three, and that puts me ahead for the week. Plus, I'm sort of happier with my paper than usual. It's rare that you get to write about Early Christianity in a secular, critical, paper, without coming off as derogatory. Tomorrow I have to start on my Sociology paper, which will very likely be considerably more difficult.

On the bright side, I bought some stuff today. I'll buy some more stuff tomorrow. I got some lodgings research done. I've prepared some emails. I did some scheduling. I've been doing almost nothing recently it seems, but I've been extremely busy all of the time anyway.

In any case, I've been productive. After all, I managed to give a kid in my German class my illness. And one of my nostrils is swollen from having been so runny for so long. I like to feel that I'm doing some good in the world, you know.

Schedule for the next two weeks: German exam Wednesday; Papers due Thursday; Mohican Saturday; German Final Monday; Anthro. and Sociology Exam Tuesday; Bakesale Tuesday; English Final Wednesday; New York Thursday; London Friday; Dublin Saturday; Sligo Sunday.

Oh yeah, and I beat Angela and April at monopoly.

And, judging by the time anyway, I seriously need to go to bed.