Saturday, September 06, 2003

Blogger seems to be having trouble today, so I doubt this will end up posting. I tried to post twice yesterday and it didn't let me. I think Rory might have destroyed Blogger's servers in an evil attempt to keep his picture, in my last post, from being moved down the page. Well, we shall see about that, boy!

In the meantime, here's the horrible picture I promised to Mike.

So, yesterday, Mike and I went to Friendly's. Jody and Kate invited me, but mostly I talked to Mike anyway, because of the vast chasm between our booths. It was fun. I don't know why Mike doesn't like blue hair. It's really the hottest color. My friend John's best friend Rocky was our waiter guy, which was almost strange in a way. Though, I guess it isn't that strange. I just don't like ordering around people I sort of vaguely know in that I met him twice kind of way.

Yesterday, I got into a fight of sorts with the security guard at my niece's school. I haven't really been in a fight with an authority figure in a while, so it was memorable. Basically, I think he's friend's with my niece's old bus driver. He gave me shit about my driving her, so I reminded him about how the last time my niece rode the bus, she was given to an unauthorized person, and went missing for three days. He accused me of being a golddigger, so I asked how far he'd go to make sure his kid didn't go missing again. He gave me a dirty look, so I drove, unauthorized out of the security check. I was half surprised he didn't follow me. Of course, he probably didn't want to cause a scene, because it's a parental right to arrange for a child to be picked up from school, and he probably could've gotten in a lot of trouble for harassing me about it.

Anyway, yesterday was fun. And today's been uneventful. And tomorrow will very likely be the same. I'm almost half-excited for classes starting up again. But only half.