Monday, November 17, 2003

I had an absolutely brilliant day today. We got out of Roman history much earlier than anticipated and I managed to talk to Tiffany throughout the whole of German and not even get close to learning anything. Then April skipped Sociology, so we got to do fun things all day.

Okay, so I also had a bit of work I had to do, but not a significant amount. I’ll have much more to do throughout the week. I bought a bunch of books.

Then, April and I went to get pizza. We had shitty service, and ate too much, and I still left more tip than I ought have. Actually, before that, we went to Kroger, and looked at April’s underaged boyfriend, who really is quite hot. He has nice Kurt Cobain hair, even if his brother looks a bit like Sean Astin when he’s playing Samwise Gamgee. Though, erm, I think he’s hot too. Sean Astin I mean, not the brother.

So we bought sugar free candy and did a public service announcement (p.s.a): “Sugar free: It’s addictive.” Then I started talking about doing ‘eroin, like I was a regular cockney. Ahh, and we decided to do recordings tonight.

We did a couple of really excellent songs. First was “Muffin Man.” Pronounced properly, the “moo-fin” man “who? who?” Then we did animal noises over Vladmir Horowitz’ Etude in C Minor Opus 25 from Chopin. And then we wrote our own song, entitled: “I’m doing Juan.” Though the lyrics don’t really give off quite the twisted Care Bear-esque vibe that hearing the song does, I’ll reprint them here. April deserves the lion’s share of credit for the lyrics, though I reworked a lot of them, and I get the lion’s share for the music (let it be noted though, that we were using shitty Casio music tracks from my 1980’s keyboard). Anyway:

I’m Doing Juan
By Gweedo James and Pepito Jacobs
November 17th, 2003

Your love shines through
To me
When I think of you
I’m free
Nothing compares
To what we have
Nothing compares
Clouds fly by
Flowers bloom
When I see you
Across the room
Nothing compares
To what we have
Nothing compares
Love finds a way
For us to stay
As one
(I’m doing Juan, I’m doing Juan)