Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Nikki and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight at the dollar theatre. The movie was okay, but it dragged on a bit. Much more interesting were the people that fifty cent Tuesday drags out. Many, many children were there. Nikki made fun of a little girl’s hair, which was pretty funny. As I told her at the theatre, nice Catholic girl my ass. A little boy took to punching me in the kidneys through the seat, which was also fun.

I’m watching an idiot on Hannity and Colmes who wants to get rid of his kid’s school’s mascot: the Maroon Devils. He says that he’s taking up the battle because the courts got rid of God and the 10 Commandments and he won’t have his daughter wearing a devil band uniform. What a jack ass. I feel bad for the kid. She’s going to, pardon the pun, catch hell when the other kids hear.