Thursday, November 20, 2003

Nikki sucks. I hate Nikki. She forced Jasmin's mom to hug me. I couldn't kill Jasmin's mom because she's Jasmin's mom. So now, I shall kill Nikki. This is only fair. And also, logical.

You cannot be a Buddhist in Ohio. Trust me, I've tried. The environment is simply against you. Sure, you can be a shoddy, silly Buddhist wannabe, but true Buddhist? Nay.

I have twice caused Nikki pain. This is good. I shall continue. I type way faster than Nikki, plus she's doubled over in pain, so I will blog four times as long a blog as she, and it will be posted faster.

And do you know why?

It's because I'm superior to her in every way.

Maybe if I died my hair blue, and played my guitar around her more, she'd love me too.

I ruined Nikki's blog. That was great. I should do that more often.

She's staring at me now. I feel most uncomfortable. What a bitch.


Because Qs are better than Nikki. So are Js and they're a stupid letter. She makes lamps look ugly. Just saying.

Nikki doesn't know how to spell bitch.

Consequently, I'm not mean. I'm very nice. I'm the nicest being in all the world. Which is why I didn't kill Nikki. And when I say "kill" Nikki, I mean literally, with no sexual overtones.

I'm glad Nikki suffers. I mean, seriously.