Monday, November 24, 2003

Today, I realized suddenly, a small betrayal.

I have my mother’s temper. I’m all full of rage.

I’m torn two ways.

Philosophically and morally I’m bound to suffer indignity without protest. But I’m not so good tempered, really. I can’t decide whether it’s braver to swallow the insult or to demand restitution.

Tonight, I pontificated to my mother about the necessity of detaching motivations from expected outcomes. Do right things because they’re right, I said, not because you’ll be rewarded for it.

Now the fates have played a trick on me. Making me live up to my own standards. Damn it. I’ve never been any good at humility.

All right, then, standards, fates. I won’t say another word about it. When my mind shifts to bitterness, I’ll jolt it back.