Thursday, February 26, 2004

I'd like to start off the morning with a hearty: "Screw you, Sprint!"

Then, moving on, I'd like to follow it up with a nice: "Screw you, the Ohio State University!"

Yesterday, our local newspaper was giving out free papers at school if you'd fill out a survey. I hate our local paper, pretty much. So I mostly just mocked the survey. For instance, the first question was: "What do you like most about the News Journal?" But they'd crossed out, in red ink, the word like and replaced it with dislike. So I wrote: "I mostly dislike the typographical errors." Then I signed a fake name to the survey just in case, through some sad circumstance, I ever try getting a job there. I really wouldn't want the proverbial computer screen flashing red with "Smart Ass: Don't Hire" when they filed my resume in their database. Yes, so that would never happen. In fact, I anticipate that they'll just throw my survey out. But it's good to be precautious.

The other best moment of yesterday was when April yelled, "Holy Balls, hatman!" By way of explanation, my friend Jason is often referred to as hat man, because he almost always wears a hat. And for some reason, someone had scratched the words "Holy Balls!" into the wall in the coffee house at school. On noticing the etched words, April put two and two together, and it was really quite brilliant. Another highlight was when I realized that Jeff had seen Octa-nipples.

Anyway, it's nearly 11:40 and I'm not nearly ready to leave for school. So I must.