Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yesterday was sort of strange.

On Friday, I had to get bloodwork at the hospital early in the morning. I ended up having to get up at like 6:30 in the morning or something, because my damned bloodwork had to happen in Ashland. The night before I’d been up ‘til after three, on account of, who wants to sleep on a Thursday night? That question is probably only appropriate for OSU-M students, who don’t have Math classes. Anyway, I’d planned on coming home after blood loss, and going to sleep until 1:00 when I had to get Britt. But no, Britt called and asked to come home early, so I had to drive to Columbus sleep deprived as hell.

Anyway, what was I getting at?

Oh yeah, I slept in on Saturday. And my mom asked me to go to garage sales with her, my sister and my grandmother. I’m not really much of a Garage Sale person, so I initially declined the offer. Then it hit me that I was going to blow my whole weekend, doing absolutely nothing, and that seemed sort of shameful. So I agreed to go to Garage Sales. The Garage Sales themselves were kind of boring; but we ended up at the Athens, and I got to torture my sister a little. So that was kind of fun.

Her tongue was sore, because of some illness she has. So I told her she should chew the clove that they put on top the baklava. Being new to Greek Food, she reluctantly agreed.

Donna: ::puts clove on tongue:: It’s not doing anything
Me: Give it a second.
Donna: It’s still not doing anything!
Me: Try biting it.
Donna: Still nothing!
Me: Huh, it should be really bitter if nothing else.
Donna: ::Effect of clove causing mass gagging:: OH MY GOD! Give me your water! Give it to me! Oh my God! I’m all out! Give me your water! Sick! This is SICK!
Grandma and I: hahahahahahahahaha
Donna: What’d you do to me Sarah? This is awful!
Grandma: haha, I was waiting for that!
Me: haha, but you're not thinking about your tongue hurts now, eh?!

Then I came home and talked to Mike on AIMer. We were both bored, though I was tired from my busy day of Garage Saling, to use my mother’s term. As I was talking to Mike, my brother called and invited me to the Basin Street Grind, where they have coffee and live jazz. So Mike and I decided to go. Nikki called while I was getting ready to get Mike, so we all decided to go.

It was good. We got various flavors of Jet Tea: Strawberry for Nikki; Wildberry for my brother and Mike; Green Apple for me. I like Jet Tea. It doesn’t taste much like coffee or tea, which, not overly liking either coffee or tea, pleases me greatly. My dad hates people like me, who go to coffee shops and don’t like coffee. Anyway, the jazz sucked. The drummer was the only guy in the band with much sense of rhythm, and his was off. The one sax player showed some potential, but I’m guessing he was maybe sixteen years old and having a bad night. So it wasn’t all that great.

But funny things did happen. When I walked in, the drummer saw my shirt and said: “HEYYYYYYY! ::does rock-bull sign:: Pedro the Lion::” and I self-consciously returned the sign. Nikki’s right, this shirt does make people stare at my tits. Anyway, later on, Nikki and Mike stared at me and laughed, and wouldn’t tell me what was so funny, except that they’d discovered that I was beautiful inside and out. Yes, that is a laughable concept.

We went to Denny’s, where some girls made nasty comments about us as we ate. When we arrived, half of the restaurant was swamped, and half was totally empty. We, of course, were seated in the swamped section. We think that, instead of asking whether people want to be seated in smoking or non-smoking, they should have a people/non-people option. I spilled a lot of stuff, and it was decided that I would marry my spoon, and we would have beautiful spoon children named Alex.

After that, we went to Meijer, where I bought the world’s shittiest slingshot, and Nikki discovered that the world’s supply of cool whip had been entirely squandered and lost. And after all of that, we went to my house, where we went and laid in the meadow for a few hours, looking at the stars, and then the clouds, and then the stars again when the night cleared back up. We told stupid stories, about nakedness and shame, and pubescent trauma, and our imaginations, and the only-childness that comes from being the youngest children of regular-to-large sized families, with siblings much older than us.

I took Mike home, and came home and went to sleep. I woke up thinking: “Damnit, like two weeks left until my paper’s due, and I’ve done absolutely nothing.” So I resolved to actually read a little today. And that’s what I’m going to go do now.