Sunday, June 06, 2004

Happy day of birth Tyron!

My great-nephew, Tyron Timothy Brickley, was born today at 4:15pm. He weighed six pounds, twelve ounces, and was nineteen inches long. And he's a very lucky little guy, because his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and he wasn't breathing. It was pretty scary for a while because he was born blue in color, with no heart rate. At first they couldn't stimulate him; he wouldn't cry and his reflexes weren't reacting. But the doctors worked on him, and now he's doing fine. He's a healthy baby boy, and he looks just like his momma and uncle Robbie. On second thought though, I guess he would have been more lucky if his cord hadn't wrapped around his neck in the first place, but you take what you're handed in life sometimes.

Anyway! Pics to follow soon! In the meantime: Baby Tyron's Website.

Though a new baby in the family is always a welcome and happy event, there's a sadness to it too in my family. My niece Brianne had a little boy last year that none of us have been able to see. In fact, none of us have been allowed to see Brianne either; she's disappeared. The baby was apparently adopted out to a woman whom, despite my general objectivity in language and temperament, I can only describe as an evil bitch. I found out not very long ago that his full name is Bryson Andrew Tackett. I've never met the little guy, but I think about him a lot. There's a hole you can feel at family events without Brianne and Bryson there. It seems sad that Ty won't grow up with his cousin Bryson like Brianne and Jessica grew up together. I wonder if I'll ever get to hold him, or know him, or even just see him.

For now, it's comforting to have Ty to play with. And with the promise of more babies soon (my brother's expecting one in November), there's a lot to look forward to.