Friday, May 14, 2004

Man, today has been a trial. Prepare yourselves for whining.

I was supposed to leave for NYC tonight. But I didn’t because I got sick. So, I wasted money and a lot of time and energy on that. It’s kind of disappointing. But the idea of spending 12-hours on a bus, throwing up amongst strangers, sounded unpleasant. Being sick at home, where I’m comfortable, is irritating all by itself. I’m not deathly ill or anything, but there have been a few moments when I fancied that I was. It’s just the flu again.

But I’ve felt awful all day. And this evening, I had to drive to Columbus to get Britt. It’s not the worst thing ever to have to have done it tonight. But I really didn’t want to do it. I felt bad the whole time, and, it was just a hassle. Things kept going wrong. Bad drivers; slow drivers; you name it. It was so bad out that somehow I managed to spend four hours on the trip, when usually it takes me just under three, with pit stops. But hell, I got through it, and figured I was done for the day.

But nope, I was wrong. I came home and my camera cord was missing. I looked for it for about half an hour before I found the damn thing. I got all fussy and was stomping around, which isn’t a good thing for my weak stomach. So I got all upset about it. And when I found it, I was so irritated that I was careless moving my chair back. My toe got caught underneath somehow, and I cracked the hell out my toenail. It bled and got all nasty, and it’ll probably end up infected, and fall off, and my foot will catch gangrene and I’ll die and…ahh, wait, that’s a little hyperbole mayhaps. But in any case, I’m mightily displeased.

Mightily displeased, I say. I’m sick and uncomfortable. My ear hurts, my stomach hurts, my toe hurts. I guess the least I can say for it all is that my troubles are even. It’s comforting to realize that your suffering is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.