Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's impossible to capture in words the essence of a feeling. It's impossible to explain the incredible tension of emotion in rational terms. Logic can't always bind pain away and render it meaningless.

All day, every day, I spend all of my time thinking of ways to communicate. I crave contact so deeply that I become apathetic and despondant if it's lacking. It's not enough to feel a certain way, or to know a certain truth; I have to share it somehow. It's simply not enough that I live for myself alone.

My world is collapsing. I bear responsibility for the creation of this world, for its maintenance and its ultimate destruction. I established the elements of this little universe all by myself; I set into motion all of its parts. I have governed this world from the start, through my activity and my neglect. My world is falling apart and I am the architecht of its destruction.

There is a cold tension churning in my chest, at the bottom of my heart, and creeping up into my throat.