Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm working on a couple of new projects right now, hence the lack of blogging. Not to mention the 24/7 craziness that school's turned into this past year. Just a few months left until I graduate.

I think I've got an ear infection. I'm scheduled to go to the doctor this coming Tuesday, but that's six days away, and my ear hurts now.

Also, I'm tired.

But outside of all that, things in life are okay. I'd even say good, if I weren't such a damn cynic. For instance, I ought to be happy because I won a few awards at school. One for most outstanding history student, or somesuch, and another for best paper in some school contest. I got a hundred bucks for the latter award, and some good books for the former. Recognition pleases normal people. But all I've done is complain about it so far. I don't like having to go to the award ceremony, basically. I'm an ungrateful twit sometimes.

Damnit, my ear hurts.