Monday, June 07, 2004

Still working on my paper....

My entire mindset is consumed with lethargy at the moment. I woke up at 11 this morning, and so far the only positive good I've accomplished all day is talking to Jasmin on the phone. I haven't worked on my paper, or studied for my stats exam, or even returned my stupid library book; hell, I haven't even gotten around to taking a shower yet today. I'm just lethargic. I know I have to start kicking my own ass into gear soon.

My stats exam is tomorrow, and I guess I have plenty of time to study for it then, but a day spent on stats is a day not spent working on my paper. Wednesday night, my friends are all going out, so I probably won't get much done then. Thursday is my family birthday party thing, so that'll take a chunk out of my day. And it's due Friday. So right now, I seriously need to be working on my stuff. But am I? Hell no! I'm telling you all about how I really need to start working on it.

Blah. I've done a little. I've reworked my intro quite nicely I think. But I'm facing the daunting task of maybe reworking my whole damn paper, because I'm not satisfied with it. I know I can get away with a lot less, but I can't morally excuse myself for turning in something lesser than what I'm capable of producing. Stupid moral code. Anyway, it's all so damn daunting that I never really get started.

But starting now, I'm really going to start working. Right now, I'm going to get up and take a shower. Then I'm going to return my library book. Then I'm going to lay out my new arguments. Then I'm going to work on fitting them into the greater structure of my existing paper. And then maybe I'll sleep some.

Yes, well, this has been a boring, anal as hell blog, and I apologize for my utter lack of anything interesting, worthy or particularly clever to say.