Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This is going to be a political blog.  Since I know most of my friends are apolitical, at best, I figured I'd warn you, so you didn't have to read it if you didn't want to.  That warning aside:

Sometimes I forget that I'm a Republican.  I forget when I'm subjected to the idiocies of Republican governance and rambling empty-headed politicos.  The only thing that makes me remember that I'm a Republican - truly a Republican - is being subjected to the idiocies of  empty-headed Democrat politicos, which are, in fact, about a thousand times more stupid, obnoxious and arrogant.

Last night I was watching the Democratic National Convention. I kept thinking to myself, how can anyone take these hypocrites seriously?  For instance, Bill Clinton worked in a crack about President Bush being a draft dodger when John Kerry volunteered for service.  The problem here?  Bill Clinton was the original draft dodging President!  It's complete hypocrisy, and it isn't as if Clinton's term in office was so long ago that we should have forgotten it already.

This morning I was watching Fox News.  An analyst, presumably a conservative, said something along the lines of: "John Kerry has the confidence of US veterans."  What the hell idiot veteran would have confidence in John Kerry?  All kinds of veterans might prefer Kerry to Bush.  All kinds of vets might agree with Kerry on the issues far more than they do Bush.  All kinds of veterans might just plain support Kerry.  But good God, to have confidence in the man?  Any Vietnam Vet who can look at a picture of John Kerry sitting next to Hanoi Jane, and still have confidence in him, is a Vet who got a little too close to the Agent Orange.

Then the Democrats let Jimmy Carter speak.  I have had a tendency in life to think of Jimmy Carter as sort of a bumbling, good-hearted guy, who was simply ill-suited to be president.  In any case, he was a harmless old man.  But now I see that he's not harmless.  He's still bumbling, he's definitely ill-suited to be president, and while I don't doubt that he's got a good heart, he's totally incompetent at all things political.  What are the Democrats thinking, having Jimmy Carter speak?  He was quite possibly the worst American President of the last century; certainly, his foreign policy was one of the most flawed and obviously faltered of the 20th Century.  The 20th Century, might I add, was never our shining glory on foreign policy issues anyway.

Bah, I have to go, I restart school today.  Bleh.  Biology is going to suck.  But at least after that, I'm going to graduate.  Wee!