Sunday, July 11, 2004

The End.

I’ve been so busy lately that there’s been no time to write. But there also hasn’t been all that much worth writing about. It’s been a difficult time; and sort of a private time, too.

I think this blog is sort of reaching it’s logical climax. It was always a blog about who I was and what I did. These days, with the vast majority of people, I feel like sharing less and less of that.

I’ve taken some heavy blows lately. I’ve withstood a lot of little betrayals that add up in the end. And I’ve had to recognize my own weakness. Suddenly, I find myself with a lot less time for the recurring situations in life that have drained me.

I’m not saying that I’ll never write in here again. There’s actually a good possibility that I will someday, when I become more confident with who I’m becoming. But for now, so you’re officially warned, it’s probably not worth checking for updates.