Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sleep: I Remember That.

I've been disgustingly busy lately. And I haven't been sleeping from a combination of having too much to do, and too much to think about it. For the last five days or so, I don't suppose I've averaged over four solid hours of sleep per night, and before that I wasn't exactly getting eight hours a night. I finally had a little free time this evening, sort of, and I collapsed. So from six to eleven, I was sleeping. And, my, it was glorious sleep, too.

But like most things that feel good at the time, it's going to come back to bite me in the ass. Because, as far as my body is concerned now, I've already gotten my five hours of sleep for the night, and it's ready to meet the day. Unfortunately, it's 1:30 in the morning, and I need to be going to sleep again now, so I can actually stay up past noon tomorrow. But the body doesn't feel like sleeping; it knows that we've already slept in, for goodness sake!

So that's annoying. And now I'm debating between taking a sleeping pill and having that annoying drugged feel all day tomorrow, or just sucking it up and staying tired tomorrow, and trying to fix it gradually. Either way, tomorrow, kind of a pivotal day in terms of my life, is going to be spent largely in the misery of drug-or-deprivation-induced incoherence.

In any case, I suppose I should take advantage of a few minutes of being awake and sort of lucid. I'm going to go write my brother a letter that doesn't suck, to replace my last one, which pretty much did. And I'm going to try to get some junk done for school. And to top the boring evening off, I'll try talking myself into sleeping.

Goodnight, cruel world!