Thursday, June 02, 2005

Victory in Narnia!

Yesterday was a happy day in my life.

The Boy is not known for his great love of reading. When he was younger, he seemed to enjoy it more. But these days, it's all basketball and video games and the only excitement I've seen him get out of books is when he triumphantly announces at the end of one that he's finally finished it.

At the beginning of last school year, I let Jasmin borrow my box set of the Chronicles of Narnia. I couldn't believe that The Boy really didn't like reading. His problem was that he was reading the wrong books. I'm sure Captain Underpants is fine reading and all, but I couldn't imagine that it captured the imagination like the books I read when I was little did.

The Boy soon set me straight. He read a couple pages of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and promptly dropped it in favor of a new Bionicle book. I was disappointed. I'd had visions of Narnia games, and the magic of talking beasts, and the awe of Aslan.

Saturday night The Boy went to see the new Star Wars movie. One of the previews was for the upcoming release of the first Narnia movie. Suddenly, The Boy's interest piqued. I talked him into giving the book another try, and told him a little bit about the evil witch, and the naughty Edmund, and the awesome battles. He reluctantly gave it another shot.

He's only required to read for twenty minutes a day. I've never seen him go over that before. Usually he spends every minute of the last ten minutes repeatedly asking how much time he has left. Yesterday, he was so into the book that he didn't even hear when the alarm went off. I shook him and told him he was done if he wanted to be. He looked up, awestruck, and told me that he'd just gotten to the part with the faun and he wanted to finish the chapter.

I was overjoyed. Good reading does make good readers.