Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Grouch.

They were finally able to do Jessica's surgery on Thursday. It was successful; they fixed her aorta. The biggest obstacle in the way of her recovery has been removed, praise God, and we're all incredibly grateful for it. It will still be a long road however. She has kidney and liver damage, and I'm told they had to remove her spleen. Her ribs are all broken, along with her pelvic bone. She will be in the hospital for a very long time. They'll have to put in a trach and probably a feeding tube. But at least we're reasonably sure now that she will recover.

I've been quite grumpy the past few days. Sorry if I've grumped at anyone. It's nothing personal, I'm just going through a lot.

Today I'm going to go to dinner with my mom and sisters. We don't do that very often, so it should be fun. I actually don't remember the last time just the girls have gone out; in fact, maybe we never did before this. Hopefully I'll be able to contain my grump and have a nice time.

My grumpy ass has to go and write a letter to my brother now. He's been writing nasty letters to my mom, and I'm getting sort of sick of it. I'm praying that God uses my grumpiness in an positive manner, and that I'm not just taking all my negativity out on him. He may well deserve to be grumped at; if it doesn't benefit him, however, I'd rather not just add my name to the list of people he's abused and who have abused him back. I've been able to avoid that until this point. I really do believe in charity, and love, and forgiveness. And with all my grumpiness, it's well that I do, because I sure need some of it.

June 10th will be eventful this year. It is, of course, most importantly, my birthday. But it's also the day of Brittany's graduation. It's The Boy's last day of school. It's the day Tony gets out of prison. Hopefully all of these events will be happy ones. I think they will.

Baby Ty's birthday is coming up on the sixth. His party will be the fifth, and I'll hardly be able to call him a baby after that. What are they calling one year-old's these days? Pre-adolescents? Well, if they're not yet, they will be in a few years, when they figure out that people are willing to buy their infants thong underwear. Of course, if science can master the thong diaper, I'm going to be mighty irritated about the continuing prevalence of the common cold.

Well, I'm out for now, on account of I have a papercut on my finger, and I'm being a real sissy about it.