Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No posts 'til Friday.

Today I took The Boy and D.C. from down the street to see The Incredibles because I'm entirely too poor to afford a recent movie. It's Tuesday, and dollar movies only cost seventy-five cents, and with snacks, I can almost afford that. The kids had fun; nothing traumatic happened at all.

I was nervous about taking D.C. Considering his family's apparent madness, I would sort of prefer not getting on their bad side. And with ghetto dwellers, it's often just not to make any sort of contact at all if that's your desire. But I don't think he gets to do nice things very often, and he was at the house when I was getting The Boy ready to go, and somehow it seemed impolite not to invite him.

So we went. The kids were good, and I even kind of liked the movie. It beats a lot of the schlock they dish out to kids these days. I've never been a huge fan of family-is-the-end-all-of-all-human-life style films for kids, but this wasn't terribly overdone. At least when they got kind of longwinded about family, they usually busted it up with something funny.

It's a strange thing that Hollywood pops out so many family first style films for kids. Considering how few kids have "in tact" families, it's definitely not reflecting society at large. I guess it appeals to our inner need to have a mom, a dad and lots of siblings. Most people secretly want that; in our society, few people really get it. And film has always been an escape from reality.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Jasmin's kids, The Boy and X, and her little brother Kobe, down to stay at her hotel for a few days. Matt's trying to get out of work early, too, so hopefully we'll get to do something nice with the kids tomorrow night before he has to go back home. I'm hoping to be able to take the boys to COSI or something this week. If not, they'll still be stoked to be able to go swimming and stay in a hotel room and all that sort of stuff.

So, anyway, probably no new posts for a few days. Mom doesn't want me to bring my laptop to the hotel with me. She has a point; I don't want it getting stolen. On the other hand, I really think it would be fine. It's a businessy sort of hotel and my computer won't be left unattended long. Still, it seems better to avoid a fight.