Thursday, March 10, 2005

Irritation + Busyness = Frustration!

The last few weeks seem to have flown by. I forgot to fill out my FAFSA on time, which hopefully won't end up screwing me over at grad school. I don't think it will, actually, it's not like grad students get a ton of government money or anything.

I almost forgot to pay my very first student loan bill, which, once again would have been brilliant, considering the fact that I'm about to go back to school. Finding myself in default and thereby barred from student loans might have proven to be somewhat of an issue.

I did manage the rest of my bills. So, that's a bit of a relief. I filled out my mileage sheet for Britty today, and will mail it out hopefully tomorrow. If her school actually pays me again, that would be rather nice and I would be less broke than I've been for months, and that would be quite lovely.

Jasmin and I agree that Americans should say "cheeky" more often. I also want to bring back "darling," because Eleanor, my dear Swedish friend, said it so charmingly. I lack the personal charisma necessary to bring anything back; my affectations usually have the opposite effect. But Jasmin knows everyone on Earth, and is much cooler than me, so she actually stands a chance of getting the job done.

Church last night once again underscored the necessity of my becoming less...myself. My playing small isn't helping anyone out. My hesitance and general reluctance to go out on a limb may have to go. As Slick Shoes once sang: "Sometimes I sit and think too much / But it never gets me anywhere / Results come from actions / So you've got to get up off your seat / You've got to go and try / You've got to go and try."

Brianne's court date is tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn out as un-miserably as possible. Hopefully, also, school won't be cancelled and I won't have to babysit in the morning, and I'll be free to take her. Elsewise, dad will be irritated.

My mom still isn't doing well. Last night she went to the emergency room and the doctor gave a list of things that could possibly be wrong. He didn't think she had gout; at the last minute he changed his mind. He wrote a prescription which would help if it was gout, but I wouldn't let her take it until we called the kidney center. ER doctors know jack about transplant patients. Turns out that the drug is toxic to mom's kidney, so thank God she didn't take it. She has another appointment tomorrow. Maybe this one will be less of a waste.

The kidney center still hasn't called us back about the protein leak issue. It's been five weeks. We've called three times this week alone. The nurse promised to have the doctor paged today, and still no call back. We'll try again tomorrow.

I now have to figure out whether or not my wireless company has been double billing me. How can I be this broke, and still so incapable of recognizing this sort of problem? Blah. Will have to sort this out.

Goodnight, you kings of New England, you princes of Maine!