Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Boy's Birthday.

Yesterday was an interesting day.

I spent the first half of it with my family. I'm sort of awkward around them. I don't really know them very well because my mom and grandparents got in a big fight when I was nine or ten, and I didn't see anyone on that side of the family until I was twenty. I think that they're all pretty nice and all, but I don't seem to have a terrible lot in common with them and I always feel like I'm being misunderstood.

I'm naturally shy anyway, and a little paranoid, so maybe they think I'm great. But I don't do well in social situations like that. I'm never more backward around people than when they think that they know me, but they really haven't a clue. I'm fine if there's no preconceived notions; Jody always said that was the best part about going to Europe with me. And I love spending time with people who know me almost as well as I do myself; in theory, anyway, it is sort of annoying not to be able to get away with stuff. But I have a hard time with people who try to hold me to a standard that I never even claimed as my own.

The second part of the day I spent as Jasmin's house. I bought The Boy the first Donkey Konga game for his new GameCube that he got for his birthday. Jasmin's little brother, Kobe, and her stepson, X, were spending the night for The Boy's birthday, and Matt, Jasmin, the kids and I were all playing it. I bought a second set of the bongos so the boys wouldn't fight, but I think the adults liked the game almost better than the kids did. The Boy was almost a little disappointed, I think; he probably would've preferred Super Smash Brothers. X and Kobe liked it a lot more than he did. Kobe won like nine games in a row on the battle version. You can play a limited version of the game on Nintendo's website for free. It's not as much fun without the bongos, but I did kill half an hour beating it this morning.

Then I came home and started to rewrite my letter to my brother Tony. More on that in my next blog.