Friday, March 11, 2005

Stray Dog.

So traffic court went well. Brianne had to pay a fine, plus court costs. The paper she was given only read $86. I think it will end up being a little more than that, but at least she wasn't hit with $250 out of the box, with more to be added later. I think she'll get out under $200 and she can probably afford to pay that, so it's very good. I'm confused though about how light the sentencing was. I thought driving with no insurance usually meant a suspended license and sometimes even jail time. There was no mention of that today, though maybe we'll hear something later. In any case, still good news so far.

My head is spinning with times and dates and paperwork I need to fill out and children I need to pick up and things I really do have to get to the store and buy. Somehow it seems like no matter how much work I'm getting done, there's always more to do. Transitioning sort of sucks. When all of the new things in my life become routine things, everything will be much smoother.

My new least favorite day of the week is Friday, I think. I'm going to have to find a way to juggle my responsibilities. I can't be in Columbus at 3:00 if I have to be in Mansfield at 3:15; even if I start driving as crazy as my brother does. I'm relatively settled for the next three weeks, what with Spring Break and all that. But I think the ensuing weeks shall prove to be a pain in me arse.

There's a stray dog at my house that we're going to have to take to the Humane Society tonight, I think. I hate doing that, but our two dogs are scrappers with most strays. He's a sweet pup. Part Brittany Spaniel, I think, and part some kind of hound, judging from the way his bark boofs. He's hyper as hell, and runs around barking a lot. He nearly wiggled himself out of his skin with delight when I fed him a hotdog for breakfast this morning (I don't know why strays always seem to hang around my house). He's howling outside right now. I feel bad for him, since it's freezing cold out. Elsewise, I'd fight for him to hang around for a week while we ran an ad in the paper.