Sunday, March 27, 2005

Church on Easter.

If I live another hundred years, I think my family will still never find cause to tease me as much as they did this morning while I was getting ready to go to Jasmin's church. Oh, man, they thought that was funny. We're not big church goers; but if I was going to go to church, what on Earth was I doing going to a Pentecostal church? On Easter? And dressed like that?

Jasmin's church isn't terribly formal, so I was going to wear my pink converse for The Boy. He would've liked it, I think. But as I was walking out the door, my mom flipped out on me for going to church, on Easter, looking like a bum. So she made me dress up. Sort of. She made me dress up in that terribly dressed down sort of way my mother always makes me dress up; enough to make me feel awkward and uncomfortable, but not enough for anybody else to particularly notice that I look less like a bum than usual - because, to be fair, I don't look much less like a bum than usual. Also, my sweater was very, very warm. It was sort of irritating, but on the other hand, my family sure got a kick out of it. I guess that makes it worth it.

Anyway, once I actually got to church and the embarassment over the fact I was there wore off, it was kind of nice. I'm not much into passion plays, or church pageants or whatever, but they did a good job. Jasmin was bawling, and even though I wasn't all that terribly moved by the play itself, the fact that she was so sensitive made me more so. It was maybe the first time in church in a while that I wasn't sitting there weighing everything the preacher said against some rule of theological accuracy somewhere in my head. I just listened to the Sermon on the Mount and let the words change me.